State of the Blog Address

Behold R. Hampton’s excellent masthead banner! Book token goodness and a massive charisma bonus are coming hes way.

The blog-reading public has reacted very favourably to my move to Scienceblogs on 29 December. Statshot: my old Blogger site is still attracting 136 median unique first-time readers a day simply through Google, and the new site has seen a median of 113 uniques a day in the past two weeks. 34 of these are returning Dear Readers. Taken together, these figures show that I have never had as many daily readers before over a period of weeks as I have now. Comments have been abundant, and I am very happy to see both long-time regulars of the old site and new acquaintances making their voices heard.

Technorati took a while to start updating, but Aardvarchaeology is currently ranked 97,000 out of millions there. The median rank among the Sb blogs is about 17,000, and my old site is ranked 19,000. The new site hasn’t got a perceptible Google rank yet.

Looking at the ever-important pageview figures, we’re doing very well, being securely over the threshold where our Seed overlords start to feed their indentured bloggers. For pageviews in the past two weeks, Aardvarchaeology is ranked 28 among the Sb blogs, and that’s without the benefit of any blog carnivals hosted here. But don’t worry, a number of those are lined up for the near future.

Comments, link tips, suggestions and requests are very welcome!


6 thoughts on “State of the Blog Address

  1. Consumers can’t buy a product unless they know it exists. An absence of links says little about the quality of a blog, but everything about the effort put into marketing it.

    Submit entries to blog carnivals! Host blog carnivals! Comment on high-traffic blogs and include relevant links to your own blog! There’s no sense in putting stuff on-line if nobody knows it’s there.


  2. And tag posts! A big portion of the traffic I get (which is far from the traffic you get) is from (which is a Swedish counterpart to

    Apparently you’ve already passed me, again. I’m still slouching about on technorati rank 249647. Oh well. 😉


  3. My first comment here. I’m enjoying your posts a good deal.

    I’d hope that you will join some of the other SB bloggers in the “Basics” posts. I’ve always enjoyed reading about archeology, but have never had the benefit of any official study of the subject.


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