Four Stone Hearth 7


Dear Reader, welcome to the Four Stone Hearth blog carnival — in science land! 4SH is about anthropology in the widest (American) sense: nothing human is alien to us, from Homo habilis bones via Early Medieval metalworking debris to on-line gaming subcultures.

Aardvarchaeology is my new blog, started only a few weeks ago. Before, I blogged at Salto sobrius, where you may have read entries about archaeology during 2006.

Anthro scholars are rare here at Scienceblogs, most of the others being specialised in natural sciences like biology. But I feel at home here. For one thing, my opinion is that all Wissenschaft is the same at heart, regardless of whether you study quasars, zebra fish or Bronze Age burial sites. It’s all about studying source material systematically in order to find out what the world is or has been like. Also, archaeology’s source material is entirely physical and we can’t understand it well without help from natural scientists.

OK, here we go.

That’s all, folks. The next Four Stone Hearth will be kindled at Northstate Science on 31 January. Until then, don’t take that decorative bone out of your nose, and remember: we decorate the pottery to negotiate our social constructs, not the other way around.

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4 thoughts on “Four Stone Hearth 7

  1. Razib at Gene Expression lays out the current consensus on the genetic basis for human races.

    just a clarification, it was p-ter, not me, who posted….


  2. The ‘human zoo’ is super, although I couldn’t get the video to function. Just the thought of all those people [their photographs and bio’s are there] is mind crushing.


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