Musical Skiing


Dear Reader, I’ve just passed a lovely hour skiing on the golf course, and I am very happy.

It’s -6 centigrade, loads of snow and Mr Sun is shining from a blue sky, accompanied by his pale-countenanced Sister Moon. People and dogs were out in force and we all smiled at each other as we met in the tracks.

With my trusty handheld, I snapped the above pic, and it also played me wonderful music: Norway’s finest rock band, the Brimstone Solar Radiation Band; those lovely eclectic Philadelphians, Maggi, Pierce & E.J.; some jazzy hippie stylings from Chrysalis with the divine Nancy Nairn on the mike; the emperor of satirical venom, Roy Zimmerman; insistent harmonisation from the Spinto Band; nerdy mastery from Marshmallow Coast; and the spacy folkiness of Dungen, of whom I count it a source of great pride to be a countryman.

Skis, snow, sunshine and a handheld computer. There’s my recipe for a happy Saturday afternoon. Just like last year.

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