Talk in Norrköping

On Thursday 1 February at 18:30 I’m giving a talk at the Town Museum of Norrköping. The subject is my ongoing research into the political geography of late 1st Millennium Östergötland, or simply put, My Quest for the Ancient Kings. Entry is SEK 60. Hope to meet blog readers there!

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7 thoughts on “Talk in Norrköping

  1. Yeah, it’s going to be very similar. Don’t go to Norrköping for it. The only new thing I’ve got since then is the date of the Sjögestad barrow, and I’ve blogged that.


  2. Drat. Norrköping is at least almost close enough to Stockholm for me to consider going, and as a born-and-raised östgöte I’m of course interested. Typical that this week is so busy I can’t go…

    You wouldn’t possibly be planning to give this talk somewhere in the Stockholm area sometime?


  3. I’d be very happy to give such a talk in Stockholm if anybody there wanted to hear it. I’ll probably offer the archaeology department of Stockholm U a talk a year from now.


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