Swedish Skeptical Anthology

My friend Jesper Jerkert has edited a volume of skeptical essays, most culled from Folkvett, the Swedish skeptic quarterly we both help co-edit. This handsome book is just out from the Stockholm publishing house Leopard, whose head hombre Dan Israel is an officer of Vetenskap och Folkbildning, the Swedish Skeptic Society, just like Jesper and myself. Don’t say we’re not doing our bit for the Skeptical Conspiracy for World Domination!
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A Place To Rest Yer Bones


Lars Lundqvist promptly answered my call for archaeopix. Here’s a recently discovered 1st Millennium BC stone setting on wooded outland belonging to the hamlet of Åby, Misterhult parish, Småland, Sweden.

The stone pavement, which is not scheduled for any excavation, is a grave superstructure, most likely covering scanty pyre remains similar to those found in Gothenburg Nasties. Such structures are very much ho-hum-yawn to disillusioned cynics like Lars and myself, but the man to the left was really happy to see it. Said this merry Gothenburg biologist: De ä ju änna fantasstisskt att sånna hera ännu finns kvår! “Unbelievable that things like these are still around!”

Update 28 February: Regular Dear Reader Karen at Voyages of the H.M.S. Swiftsure has a nice photo spread from a lithics dig on a river bank in western Canada that she worked on in the 90s. You can tell there are many fond memories there!

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Send Me Archaeopix Please

Dear Reader, I like to publish good archaeological pix. If you have taken a really good photograph, drawn a find or done a nice plan or section that you’d like to share with your fellow readers, then feel free to email it to me, along with information about the subject and how you’d like it to be credited.

Paddy K’s Swedish Extravaganza

i-5740d3b4cc28599ad080bc1de899ff03-leprechaun.gifDear Reader, you no doubt have a skewed and seasick perspective on Stockholm, Sweden, from too much of my blogging. What you need is a blog written from Stockholm by a humorous, skeptical Irishman.

This genre is of course quite the jungle, with more blogs than anyone can reasonably attempt to evaluate. But take it from me: the one you want to read is Paddy K’s Swedish Extravaganza. Another really good blogger who just needs to learn to illustrate and market his writing.

Oscarian Archaeology Journal On-Line

i-d60600f280df3d76e2d4ba893fbe954e-ant-tidskr.jpgIn its formative late-19th century decades, Swedish archaeology had three journals with a nationwide scope (sometimes also covering Norway with which Sweden shared a king at the time). All three were published in Stockholm by the same small group of people: the Royal Academy of Letters had the academic Antiqvarisk Tidskrift för Sverige (1864-1924) and the more pop-sci-orientated Vitterhetsakademiens Månadsblad (1872-1907), and the Swedish Antiquarian Society had Svenska Fornminnesföreningens Tidskrift (1871-1905).
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Gold Bractate Inscriptions


I know that many readers of this blog are yearning to read a >900-page bok in German about the enigmatic inscriptions on Migration Period gold bracteates. Fret no more, Dear Reader! Svante Fischer just sent me a link to a 7.4 megabyte PDF file containing such a work: Sean Nowak’s 2003 doctoral thesis Schrift auf den Goldbrakteaten der Völkerwanderungszeit, published by the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen, Germany. Alu, lathu, laukaR!

Hominin Dental Anthropology

i-31f64ac2c0b45bfebcab252df6cecdb8-jason.jpgI would recommend Jason Fox’s blog simply for the weight of its name: Hominin Dental Anthropology. That is so heavy metal. But it’s also tagged “atheism, Teeth, Anthropology, bones, Paleoanthropology, dentition, bioarchaeology, osteology, paleopathology” on Technorati. And it’s a readable mix of these subjects along with linguistics and more whimsical and personal pieces. So check him out and comment away! The only things Jason seems not to have learned yet is to use pics and to market his blog. Jason, I want to see your skinny ass on the next Four Stone Hearth. And I want you to host one ASAP after that.