Carnival of the Godless 59


Dear Cultists, welcome to the Temple of Godlessness that is Aardvarchaeology. I will be your High Priest this evening, introducing the latest and greatest blog writing on the subject of Above Us Only Sky. Sisters and brothers, let us pray.

The next Carnival of the Godless will open at Manifold Fates on 18 February. Until then: Om Mani Padme Hum, y’all!


10 thoughts on “Carnival of the Godless 59

  1. Nice carnival there! (Hey! Am I the only one to be bored to death (and without hope of resurrection) by redundant discussion of ID claims?)

    Trackbacks FYI is a nice way for you to boast about other people’s links to your posts. Although you’re not the boasting kind you will want to mak’em work 🙂
    The inner workings of a trackback is black magic to most of us, but it’s nice when it works – google it, fix it & rejoice 😉


  2. Thanks! I’ll see what I can do about the trackbacks.

    I agree, ID refutals are boring. But if Sweden and Denmark had powerful politicians supporting ID, I think we’d probably be a little more interested in combating it…


  3. Ah, A Swede!

    I love Sweden.


    Didn’t they supply Der Fuhrer with all the iron ore he needed to rund WORLD WAR II?


    Very profitable, neutrality.



  4. Yes, I personally supplied my buddy Adolf with lots of steel and ball bearings, all out of my conviction that the blond and blue-eyed must rule the Earth. Two hundred years of peace has made us Swedes into utter wimps, though.


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