Rosie Lugosi at the Hootchy Kootchy Club


Last night my wife and I celebrated the Chinese New Year with friends. First we had an Asian buffet and a few hours of raucous karaoke, then we went to the Hootchy Kootchy Club (their spelling, not mine…).

The HK Club is a recurring cabaret and party in central Stockholm. The theme is nebulously defined as “burlesque”, which in practice translated into a dominance of beautiful young femme dykes in immaculate 30s to 50s outfits. But the clientele was mixed as to age and orientation: the only notably under-represented demographic was young hetero guys. I for one didn’t miss them: it meant that hardly anybody drank too much or made a nuisance.

The music on the dance floor was crappy monotonous techno yesterday, but maybe they’ll have a better DJ next time. The stage entertainment played happily with gender, showing a lot of skin and jiggling pasties. The evening’s conferencier et chanteuse was the wonderfully Gothic and funny Rosie Lugosi, Lesbian Vampire Queen and campy dominatrix extraordinaire, flown in directly from Manchester, UK. She out-timcurried Tim Curry himself, singing filk versions of disco songs with horror-cliché themes. Check her out if she graces a venue near you with her imperious presence!

For you Stockholmers, the Hootchy Kootchy Club is highly recommended unless you’re mainly looking to pick up young hetero action. As for myself, though, I got lucky as usual and took the finest piece of tail in the entire joint home and straight to bed — my wife.

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