Swedish Skeptical Anthology

My friend Jesper Jerkert has edited a volume of skeptical essays, most culled from Folkvett, the Swedish skeptic quarterly we both help co-edit. This handsome book is just out from the Stockholm publishing house Leopard, whose head hombre Dan Israel is an officer of Vetenskap och Folkbildning, the Swedish Skeptic Society, just like Jesper and myself. Don’t say we’re not doing our bit for the Skeptical Conspiracy for World Domination!

The book’s 21 contributions cover themes such as humanistic psychology, Freudianism, parapsychology, stage magic, alternative medicine, computer screen rash, Curry lines, UFOs, the Bible, creationism, Lysenkoism, 18th century skepticism (that’s my piece), Atlantis, conspiracies, ecological agriculture and skeptical philosophy — all in Swedish.

The book is SEK 146 plus p&p from Adlibris, but you can get it at a discount from Vetenskap och Folkbildning if you join the society.

Jerkert, Jesper (ed.). 2007. Fakta eller fantasier. Föreställningar i vetenskapens gränstrakter. Leopard Förlag. Stockholm. 215 pp. ISBN 978-91-7343-162-0.

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