Hopeful Buttons

Dear Reader, please let me remind you of the Hopeful Buttons to the left under my profile. One will exalt this blog in the eyes of Technorati, the second will allow you to heighten the esteem in which the blog is held by a Swedish ranking engine, and the third will let you look at stuff I would already have bought if I hadn’t put all my money into absinth and bagpipe Whitesnake-tribute concerts.


2 thoughts on “Hopeful Buttons

  1. I have never heard (or read) the term “Hopeful Buttons” before, nor can I seem to find them on the left.
    Also, can I put a link to your blog on mine? Some of my friends would enjoy you mightily.


  2. The buttons are colourful blobs with letters on them right below the words “worldwide on Technorati”.

    Please do link! Usually it’s the other way around: I should beg you to link.

    I have little doubt that it would be a mind-blowing pleasure for me were I to be enjoyed mightily by yourself and your friends. For practical and social reasons, though, I’m afraid you’ll all have to settle for enjoying my blog. (-;


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