Treehouse Ruin


Back in September, I wrote a piece about that common type of archaeological site, the abandoned treehouse.

At these sites you’ll see rotting boards and beams hanging from clumsily bent nails on a group of trees, gradually collapsing to the ground. Perhaps some old shag pile carpet decomposing on the forest floor. The woods strewn with an enigmatic collection of objects, haphazardly selected, mostly old household gear. When visiting these sites, I always have the feeling that the inhabitants didn’t choose the objects they brought there: they took whatever they were given by someone more affluent and powerful than them. By grownups, in fact.

This afternoon as I sought a geocache near Vårberg, I came across a fine treehouse ruin in the woods, as shown in the photo above. I apologise for the poor camera built in to my 2005 handheld computer. When you send me archaeopix, please consider including pictures of treehouse ruins!

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