On-Line TV


I’m in the kitchen. My wife just sent me the most amazing link from the living room.

TV Links

Last weekend I missed the only TV show I watch, Six Feet Under, now being aired in its fifth season in Sweden. Since then, I’ve tried to find the missed episode on DC++ and BitTorrent, to no avail. At TV Links, a high-bandwidth video stream of the episode is just two clicks away. And they have all the other episodes too. Of all the other seasons. Of every single TV series I’ve ever felt even mildly interested in watching.

I have no idea how they do it. But that site is amazing. I feel like an ad spammer, writing this.


3 thoughts on “On-Line TV

  1. Honestly, I have no idea what this Turkish person is saying, why they say it here or why they say it in Turkish. Please tell me if it’s anything offensive.


  2. Ref. the picture/image in your March 3rd, 2007 post “On-Line TV”

    I have an old Admiral TV set just like it! Where is the picture from? Have been trying to find any info. on mine to get it working again. It is a model 37792; possibly early 1940s or late 30s?

    Your picture was the closest to it I have come, believe it or not.


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