Blogging from a Ploughed Field

This week I’m doing fieldwork in Östergötland with friends, colleagues and Aard regulars from the Gothenburg Historical Society, the County Museum and the State Excavation Unit. We’re continuing our metal detecting campaign from last spring, returning to the sites in Kaga and Hagebyhöga, and having a look at four new ones in Heda, Varv, Askeby and Östra Husby. Our objective is to find aristocratic farmstead sites of the period AD 400-1000. Swedish State Broadcasting’s science show for kids, Hjärnkontoret, will pay us a visit.

One thing I miss since moving to ScienceBlogs is the ability to blog by e-mail. As long-time Dear Readers may remember, one reason that I got my hand-held computer was to be able to blog from wherever, whenever, using the cell phone net. But my Blogger site is still live and accepting e-mailed entries. If I don’t find a wireless access point to reach Aard, then I’ll send my fieldwork dispatches to Salto sobrius instead and move them here when I get home. Please check out Salto periodically this week. Meanwhile, I’ve scheduled a few entries to appear here as well.

In other news, I’ve registered this blog in my home municipality of Nacka at


2 thoughts on “Blogging from a Ploughed Field

  1. I think I removed the Salto feed from my reader just a couple of days ago. *mumble*

    Give me a call if you get some spare time, now that you’re out of the northers suburbs for a while. 😉


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