Four Stone Hearth Co-Admin

As you may have noticed, founding father Kambiz has been very busy lately, and his brainchild the Four Stone Hearth blog carnival has not quite received the attention it needs. Now, I’m not as good as Kambiz at web design, but I’m OK at long-running repetitive administrative tasks. So I’ve joined the K as co-admin of the carnival.

Before I start mucking around with the carnival’s site, I need some volunteer carnival hosts. Anybody with a blog and an interest in archaeology and anthropology (in the various senses of this word) is very welcome to host. Remember: submitting entries to a popular blog carnival will give you a number of new readers — but hosting one will give you a huge number. Just drop me a line.

Update 28 April: The carnival’s home page is now updated, the future hosts on the list have confirmed that they’re on, and a lot of people are volunteering to host. The next 4SH will be up on 9 May at Anthropology 2.0. Make sure to submit your stuff!


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