Wiley InterScience Needs Schoolin’

OMG, how stupid! And I ain’t foolin’.

The other day my SciBling Shelley at Retrospectacle got nastygrammed by Wiley InterScience for reproducing part of a figure from a paper in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture! Shelley had provided due reference to where she had found the figure and used it to discuss the contents of that paper. Fair use.

Wiley InterScience describe themselves as “a leading international resource for quality content promoting discovery across the spectrum of scientific, technical, medical and professional endeavors”. Yeah, sure, and they apparently want to be the only such resource on the net. Good luck guys. I think you’d better read up on Fair Use.

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4 thoughts on “Wiley InterScience Needs Schoolin’

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how they at the end of the threatmail try to peddle their wares?
    “Register with Wiley Interscience to sign up for free contents alerts to SCI journals […] by email.”
    The nerve of some people.


  2. Isn´t that typical of the nasty American capitalists, they think they own the whole world and the knowledge within it. Free Science is nothing they like, they like to get paid for every lite tiny bit of information.


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