Death of an Imaginary Friend

I am in mourning for a character in Six Feet Under who died on us last night. The fifth season is airing in Sweden. And I mull over the final scene. Did another character turn into Shaggy from Scooby Doo and act as the dead person’s psychopomp on the way to the hereafter? Bizarre, typically bizarre. And very moving to me. It’s been a great, great series.


6 thoughts on “Death of an Imaginary Friend

  1. All five seasons are very good. However, only the first has a strong magical-realism or dreamy component. Many viewers (including myself) feel that this element makes the first season the best av them all.


  2. Well, Martin, now you have to stick to about one foot under. That is about as far as a metal detector goes? And, then there is a new season of Extras.


  3. I haven’t really been following the show, even though I like it. And then I watch it for the first time in like a year, and ********* dies. Just like that. Typical!

    But I love the old episode where the mother goes camping and accidentally takes her son’s ecstasy pills…classic!


  4. Well, Martin, now you have to stick to about one foot under.

    Not yet, three more episodes to go!

    Is it still as good now?

    IMO the fifth season was a bit exasperating at first, but it has picked up speed appreciably.


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