Archaeological Surveying: Call for Papers

Dear Reader, are you into archaeological surveying? Contour mapping, field walking, metal detecting, aerial photography, geophysics, truffle hogs? Then Kate Page-Smith has a conference session for you at the 13th EAA annual meeting in Zadar, Croatia, in September.

Investigating Archaeological Survey

With a tradition stretching back over 300 years, archaeological survey and investigation deserves a definitive place within archaeological and historical research. Its multi-disciplinary approach not only provides greater understanding of sites and their landscapes, but it also offers a comprehensive and cost-effective evaluation for projects. However, despite the recognised value of landscape archaeology within the heritage sector, this valuable and versatile specialism is often overlooked.

For this session I would like to invite individuals to come and promote this unique discipline and its contribution towards archaeological research. With increasing emphasis upon landscape approaches and non-intrusive techniques, earthwork survey and interpretation has the potential to become a fundamental method within archaeological practice and enter the mainstream. With the help of case studies, large and small, this session intends to facilitate the liberation of archaeological survey from the margins of research and advocate its importance to an international audience. There will also be added emphasis upon international contributions for it is currently believed that this specialism is essentially a British contribution towards archaeological research. Hopefully this session will either dispel the myth or encourage its expansion outside of the UK.

Whether you specialise in intrusive or non-intrusive techniques, academia or commercial archaeology, this session is intended to appeal to all. Its focus upon holistic approaches should encourage a healthy dialogue between different disciplines and specialists.

To submit a paper, e-mail Kate at


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