500 Hidden Plastic Jars


Dear Reader, I have a confession to make. During the past two years I have invested a lot of time, effort and gasoline into locating 500 plastic jars, most of which were hidden under rocks. Some were in crevices in stone walls, others fastened with magnets behind metal fuseboxes and the like. Many were at scenic spots or among strange ruins. I used the Global Positioning System to find those jars. Sometimes I had to solve riddles and conundrums to get the coordinates. Often I have risen at dawn on weekends and gone out to seek tupperware while my family enjoyed a lazy morning. And you know what? I enjoyed it!

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5 thoughts on “500 Hidden Plastic Jars

  1. That’s kind of the problem with this hobby. As long as you travel to new places now and then you have stuff to do, but if you just stay at home you run out of new caches to find pretty soon…


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