Ebba During 1937-2007


Photograph from Per Dahlberg’s blog.

Woah, I don’t like the attrition rate among my colleagues right now. Magnus at Testimony of the Spade informs me that professor emerita Ebba During died on Tuesday 15 May after a battle with illness. Ebba was an osteologist, which means that like all Swedish bone people she combined the specialities of physical anthropology and animal osteology.

For years and years, Ebba taught osteology on the snug premises in Ulriksdal outside Stockholm made available by the archaeologist-king Gustavus VI Adolphus. Her manner was kindly and unassuming. Yet her published work treats a number of very high-profile sites, such as the Alvastra dolmen, the Alvastra pile dwelling and the 17th century warships Vasa and Kronan.

Ebba’s colleagues are currently writing something about her, and I hope to offer their piece as a guest entry here soon here’s their piece.

Update 17 June: Obits in Swedish available at Dagens Nyheter and Ting och Tankar.

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2 thoughts on “Ebba During 1937-2007

  1. The attrition rate is very high right now…I think we need to prepare ourselves. Just kidding. It is sad to see so many people go, but there are still lots of us here!!


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