Radio Stars

You listen to a podcast that you like for months and years and you start feeling like you know the people on the show a little. Their voices are certainly familiar and you know a bit about their personalities. And so you start to wonder what they look like. At least I did. So by various means I’ve located pix of the people behind my favourite podcasts. Check them out! These guys rule my mp3 player and they should be on yours as well.

The R.U. Sirius show: R.U. Sirius, Jeff Diehl, Diana Brown, Steve Robles.

Escape Pod: Steve Eley, Jonathon Sullivan.

Skepticality: Swoopy, Derek.

Digital Planet: Bill Thompson, Gareth Mitchell.

The Seanachai: Parick Maclean.

Anybody got better pix of Sullivan, Robles and Maclean? Dear Reader, are you at this moment perchance Sullivan, Robles and/or Maclean?

BTW, guess what happens if you search for my surname on Flickr.

We couldn’t find any photos matching rundkvist.

Did you mean randiest?

Update same day: Says Diana Brown (appending this portrait photo where she looks really delectable and I ain’t sharing it with you guys, so there), “Thank you for your very kind mention of our work on Aardvarchaeology. Your blog rules! Thanks for listening.”

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4 thoughts on “Radio Stars

  1. Hi Doc: You would probably appreciate the work of Joe Lapsley, PK (preacher’s kid),former Memphis punk (Neighborhood Texture Jam), now Chicago folkie, doing a History PhD (dis on heterosexuality in 1960s America, huh, I tole him, I didn’t know that was an isssue), a real philosopher and “lefty, liberal, skeptic” dude.
    And in the interests of not mangling your obscure language like I butcher English and Spanish, your comment on your service provider has finally inspired me to learn where the freakin international character set is!


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