Godless Sweden

I sometimes make reference here to how godless Swedish public discourse is, particularly compared to the fundie-infested US situation. Here’s a good longer piece about this issue by Jerker (it’s not a funny name in Swedish, being simply a dialectal version of Eric) of Allotetraploid, also partly available in an English translation by Felicia of Life Before Death.

(No wonder God hates Sweden. We don’t like him much either.)

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106 thoughts on “Godless Sweden

  1. The exhibition in question was Elisabeth Ohlson’s 1998 photo show “Ecce Homo”. I saw it myself and liked it a lot. It sparked quite some controversy, but the thing to note about it is really that it became a huge international hit, way beyond what Swedish artists can usually hope for.


  2. Women are smarter than men. We are not so interested in warfare, we let men do it. Why be serious if we don´t have to, let others work with silly dull things…Jesus as a stupid woman, with high heel shoes and clothing that “shows all”, it is really silly, but so is humanity, think about the greek mythology and the antilope dance…and Catal Huyuk and so on…back in the past forever. And forever.


  3. Sweden is said to be a godless country. Isn´t that a clear sign of health that people become more and more suspicious to the notion of a hidden entity which is said to dictate everything, although the world is still such a mess? One can even notice that the world is just such a mess that one can expect if there were not such an entity.

    Isn´t it a sign of health that people become more and more aware of the fact that it is up to us to fix this mess that we ourselves have put us and the world in?

    Isn´t it a sign of health that people are lesser and lesser inclined to be ruled by religious superstition?

    Isn´t it a sign of health that people are more and more inclined to accept science and scientific fact as a basis of their view of the world?

    About muslims: Here in Sweden we have fought for about 100 years to decrease the influence of religion in our society. To some extent we have won that struggle. So maybe one can understand that some people are afraid of the muslims, or at least the muslim fundamentalists, because many of the thoughts and beliefs that they are bringing with them are exactly the same as we fought so hard to get rid of (eventhough it was called christianity in those day). It´s the same fear of sex, the same opression of women, the same superstitious belief in an entity who shall fix all things, the same intolerance, the same narrowmindedness and antiintellectualism.
    So the fear of islam is not impossible to understand.

    About race: There is ofcourse no evidence whatsoever that one race should be superior in any way over all others. The color of a persons skin has nothing to do with his or hers intelligence or other spiritual gifts. Those who says other is just biased by racist beliefs, and racism is just another very mean and evil kind of idiotic superstition.


  4. 10 questions for Greg Clark is up on gnxp. Greg is the academic who argues that genetic differences between races explain differences in economic outcomes between nations. Basically English people today are largely descended from the intelligent upper and middle classes of the past 650 years. The implications of this are of course that non-European immigrants to Britain, with the exception of East Asians and upper-caste Indians, will form a permanent underclass because they do not have these genetic advantages.



  5. Hi Martin,
    you are right about comments, so here is another one…Dr Lars Wilks, the swedish artist/painter, wrote a book two years ago “Hur man blir samtidskonstnär på tre dagar” (How to be a contempotrary artist in three days). This is a “divider” in art, a real “turnstone”..
    And no he proved what Godless Sweden means,and I guess he must have read the comment here of lars Andersson.

    Wilks made a Muhammed as a dog in a traficcarousel (rondellhund) It has been popular with those animals in the rondels for a time now. Then he went even further and made another animal, I don not want to mention it, what it is. And now the muslims in Sweden demonstrate. And what do we think, we think maybe of the freedom of art?
    I laugh at it…How can the muslims let him provoke them to demonstrations, that is exactly what he wants…
    Religion is NOT freedom, has never been. But everybody are allowed to think whatever they will.


  6. this is a very old thread but i just want to add some clarity to this discussion..nice and simple just this…

    acceptance and respect of differences – i can live very happily living my life the way i see fit, and my secret is ” i speak with GOD, i believe in my GOD…he tells me to do good things and speak of good things ..i wont judge or hate you for your choices and i wont try and persuade you that my way is better than yours …actions speak louder than words…these days i just keep my mouth shut and try and do my best “


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