The Antiquity Photography Prize

Like myself, Martin Carver at Antiquity wants good archaeopix. Unlike me, he’s offering a cash prize and publication in a top-tier print journal.

Antiquity would like to announce the Antiquity Photography Prize. This will be a cash prize awarded for the best archaeological photograph published in the journal in that year. The first prize will be announced for the year 2008. As well as photographs published as part of articles in the journal, consideration for the prize will also include frontispiece photographs published in the editorial.

We would be very grateful if you could spread the word of this prize and encourage new submissions, especially for the editorial frontispieces. Along with the image, we ask for the following basic information:

1. When was the photograph taken?
2. Where was it taken?
3. Where was it taken from – the air/the east….
4. What are the circumstances of the find?
5. What is the date of the find?
6. What camera was used?
7. What film was used?
8. Any other technical information – e.g. tripod used?

All submissions should be sent as high resolution tiff or jpeg files to or sent on CD to The Editor, Antiquity, King’s Manor, York YO1 7EP, UK.

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