Ernie Alarm Clock


My friend and colleague Robert is a collector, and so is his wife. She’s into Oscar II memorabilia and vintage lingerie in its original packaging, he’s into almost everything. Robert’s collector’s heart of hearts, though, is with cartoon figurines. Wallace and Gromit in particular, but he ranges widely. Above is shown his latest acquisition: a 1970s Sesame Street alarm clock with Ernie in the Bedroom Scene! Many thanks, Robert! And check out the Bert figurine to the left — that’s Robert’s own handiwork. He has a morbid fascination with the Evil One.

(You do know, Dear Reader, that Ernie is a battered spouse and that Bert is evil?)


4 thoughts on “Ernie Alarm Clock

  1. vintage lingerie in its original packaging

    I imagine this is a collectible area where the collectibles are rather few and far between. I read an interview with Musse Pigg collector Lasse Åberg who said that the original packaging often costs him at least as much as the actual toy it is for.


  2. Hello
    I never thought I’d see this clock again. I gave this clock to my baby sister in 1970. It was one of her favorite birthday gifts ever. It was a sad day when her step father broke it. She kept pieces of it until she moved away and lost them in the move. It would mean so much to me to be able to replace it. Can you tell me where you found yours? Where I can find one? Or would you consider selling yours?
    Thanks for your time–Evelyn


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