Prof Steve Hits Scandinavia


Internationally reknowned evolutionary biologist and legendary party animal Professor Steve Steve is on tour in Scandinavia. In the above image, taken moments ago, the professor and I discuss evo-devo on the Rundkvist family’s balcony in Fisksätra outside Stockholm. I hear he’s got some radical new discoveries in zebrafish teratology in the publishing pipeline, apparently the fortuitous result of dropping a bottle of Bushmill’s into a bar aquarium. Tomorrow we’re off together to the Sachsensymposium in Trondheim, Norway, the main conference for post-Roman, pre-Viking archaeology in northern Europe.


11 thoughts on “Prof Steve Hits Scandinavia

  1. It would be great if he could make it to the blogmeet, considering our concern that the event would be completely dominated by white males. Not only would he broaden the range of participants’ profiles immensely – I imagine that the presence of the esteemed professor, who is not only learned and well-travelled, but also cute, cuddly and (according to Martin) a good listener, will also serve to attract others to the gathering.

    I look forward to hearing more about his Zebrafish experiments. Specifically, I want to ask him about methodology: did he add the Bushmills before or after the coffee, brown sugar and whipped cream?


  2. By the way of nothing, what is in the hands of the professor, some poor object of an experiment, or one of the students writing thesis for the prof. to sign?


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