Grim Lords of Black Metal


My Norwegian buddy Torkel reminded me of the wonderful site TOP 10 MOST RIDICULOUS BLACK METAL PICS OF ALL TIME. These guys are beyond words. And there’s a second collection that I hadn’t seen before! Satan laughing spreads his wings, as TV comedian Ozzy Osborne used to sing back when I was just an evil twinkle in my dad’s eye. Oh lord, yeah.


10 thoughts on “Grim Lords of Black Metal

  1. Peter Beste’s photographs of the Norwegian Black Metal scene are more convincing, but aren’t necessarily going to sway nonmetalheads of the seriousness of the subject matter. Gaahl and King ov Hell are the most interesting, but then I’m a bit of a fan.

    Of course, tr00 grim kvlt black metal is now made in France and Eastern Europe. The Norwegians are all sell outs.


  2. Yeah, now you know why they’re called Eurotrash. Come on, no real metalheads take these losers seriously.

    And just to clear things up for the youth of today, Ozzy was never really…a big scary metal god. More like the sorta retarded cousin you kept out of sight from the neighbors. Yeah, Black Sabbath rocks as long as you don’t SEE them. Ozzy was always higher than a kite, clapping without rhythm, and walking aimlessly back and forth. The most metal thing he’s ever done on stage is grab Jake E Lee by the hair and drag him around during the guitar solo. Jake never missed a lick, but Ozzy? Poor old Ozzy, he was cool to listen to but we all considered him rather…fragile.
    And there’s your metal tip of the day, kiddies. Eurotrash indeed!


  3. Hahaha! Madness come to me. I just have to get something, at least a bedsheet, to wipe my tears. This has been half an hour of plain laughter…all those photos of wannabedevils…hihihi…Why didn´t I cheek it out earlier?
    I have had such lousy days here…hihihiiii!!!!


  4. They need to do a part 3, I’ve been looking at these silly pictures of Immortal for years now. They need to do a US-only version or a strictly “folk” NSBM version (like Rob Darken from Graveland) since all those weirdos dress up like Frodo and prance around in the woods.


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