Indecipherable Punk Reactions


Punk musician G.G. Allin (1956-93) led a short hard life marked by drug binges, violence, mental illness and on-stage coprophagy. I’ve never heard any of his music, but reading about this legendary underground figure I came across the above remarkable photograph.

Dear Reader, please disregard for a moment the guy to the left who is covered in blood and feces. Look at the audience members to the right. What are they feeling? What do their expressions signify?

Maniacal glee? Revulsion battling with fascination? Is the bearded guy dancing? Has the leftmost guy just smoothened his features for the camera? What are they thinking? I really have no idea. It’s like a photograph from Mars.

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12 thoughts on “Indecipherable Punk Reactions

  1. I’m sorry to tell you I can’t come tomorrow. As it turns out, one of my closest friends is arranging a birthday dinner and I can’t really skip that in favour of beer even if it is an extraordinary occasion.

    I hope there will be a next time for blogmeeting with you!


  2. interesting question, never thought about it from that aspect, would have just reacted to the blood covered guy.

    Ever do something or get into something where it seems that the whole world kinda disappears, one gets lost and submerged in one’s emotions? A way of switching all thoughts off?

    Don’t know if I explained that well


  3. So that’s what it’s called, cool

    All those times, never knew what it was called 🙂

    (…………… scurries off to look up interesting techniques)


  4. its called real 1980’s hardcore, look it up
    real hardcore lasted until around 86
    as for the audience memeber there pissed off and don’t give a fuck, they went to hardcore shows to get their aggression out, somewat like when someone does yoga to calm themselves
    the bearded guy is dancing, it was called slam dancing..a kind of dance that showed aggression

    this was just another show, for those guys
    watch the movie “American Hardcore” sometime


  5. Thanks Brit! You got me thinking about what I do to vent my aggressions. Mainly blog, I guess. But I find I don’t carry much aggression around. Regular good sex keeps me a happy boy.


  6. You are a fucking idiot, do you even know who GG Allin is or what he stands for? No you don’t. So fuck off and talk about something you know prick.


  7. GG was a scum fuck outlaw. This blog is for queers who wouldn’t have the balls to go to a gg allin show. He would have probably raped your buttholes.

    God Bless


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