Howard’s Swedish Speaking Dates

My friend Howard Williams of the University of Exeter touched down at Arlanda airport in Sweden a couple of hours ago. He’s here for a few weeks of study and also giving talks at four archaeology departments. Good stuff for all friends of the Dark Ages!

Wednesday 19th September, 13.00
University of Stockholm
‘Memories in Miniature: New Perspectives on Artefacts and Commemoration in Early Medieval Britain c. 450-850 AD’

Thursday 20th September, 10.15
University of Uppsala
‘The Archaeology of Early Medieval Commemoration’

Wednesday 26th September, 15.00
University of Lund
‘The Archaeology of Early Medieval Commemoration’

Monday 1st October, 18.00
University of Kalmar
‘Death Warmed Up: Cremation in Early Anglo-Saxon England’


6 thoughts on “Howard’s Swedish Speaking Dates

  1. I’m quite impressed by Howard’s breeding program that has produced dates that not only speak, but even manage the language of honour and heroes. :-p


  2. Howard William is coming to Uppsala!? First I have heard of it – but then, that is not unknown to happen here, that phd-students are the last to hear about anything.
    I’ll grab someone by the ear and demand a posting on our homepage.


  3. Åsa, they just finalised the speaking date for Uppsala last week.

    Kai, argle. “Why did the banana go out with the prune?” “Because he couldn’t find a date.”


  4. LOL, when I reads the headline I thought: why is Howard’s love life any of my beeswax, whether or not his dates speak Swedish? 😉


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