Archaeobooks Blowout 27 October


My part-time employer, the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, has been publishing books for over two centuries and rents a huge storage space for books in central Stockholm. Most of the stock isn’t moving very fast. In fact, a lot of it hasn’t moved at all since Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.

Storage is expensive. The Academy now feels that a lot of the funds devoted to storing these old books would be better used in, for instance, scanning the books and putting them on-line for free.

On Saturday 27 October, the Academy’s book store is opened to the public, and most of the books will be sold for 50 kronor (c. $8). A bag. Yes: fill a bag with books, pay 50 kronor, walk out into autumnal Stockholm a richer and happier person.

Most of the books on sale are scholarly ones published from 1920–2002, mainly on archaeology, numismatics, history, Medieval art and architecture, building restoration, churches, runology, heritage management, philology, lit-crit and theology. Also excavation reports and a few children’s titles.

No pre-orders accepted. Be at Lagerhotellet, Rosenlundsgatan 34 A, Södermalm, Stockholm, from 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturday 27 October!

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8 thoughts on “Archaeobooks Blowout 27 October

  1. Damn, I envy you!
    I wonder whether this is worth flying in from Germany? And learning Swedish of course…
    I think it might be.


  2. Books in Swedenish would make them even more enticing. Bet there is so real cool swords and boats and houses and stuff in the drawings. And it’s really not that much different from English, relative some some of those languages out there. Think of it, 10 million, +/-, folks having thier own language. Id be like efn Missippi n Arkinsaw decides to git der own langige.


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