History Carnival 58

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History is the study of past societies through surviving text and images. I just got back home to Sweden, whose narrative history starts in the 9nd century AD and is even then really patchy for centuries. I have spent the past two weeks in China, where recorded history starts some time in the mid-2nd millennium BC. And what did I find in my long-neglected in-box when I got home? The makings of the 58th History Carnival!

A blog carnival, for those of you who don’t already know, is an ambulatory and periodical collection of good blog writing relevant to a certain theme. Here today, somewhere else in a month. I got loads and loads of submissions for this edition, and so I have been selective: submissions that I found non-good and/or non-relevant were dropped as a service to the reader.

To the carnival! Before we dive into the past, just let me plug Cliopatria’s History Blogging awards. Mustn’t forget them, my preciousss.


Early to Mid-Modern

19th Century

20th century


That’s all, folks! The next History Carnival will appear on 1 December at Westminster Wisdom. Submit here.

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6 thoughts on “History Carnival 58

  1. Thank you for this! Two tiny corrections, though: I’m not the author of the linked post at Purloined Letter–I just submitted the link for inclusion. And the image there of absurdly violent entertainment is from Coney Island, not the US South.


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