Peter Johnsson, Sword Smith

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Uppsala-based virtuoso weapon smith Peter Johnsson of Albion Swords Ltd has offered to make a replica of the Djurhamn sword. He also kindly allowed me to put some pix of his work on-line. Eye candy!






9 thoughts on “Peter Johnsson, Sword Smith

  1. 100% historical techniques are not possible for two reasons.

    First, modern steel doesn’t have the slag found in period steel. This changes how the metal must be worked.

    Second, they didn’t write a whole lot down so many of the specifics are simply not known.


  2. Yes, it is not really possible to use the 100% correct techniques. We have to good steel, nowadays, as a blacksmith aquaintance put it. But Peter is a master, but a real mess to work together with since he has no sense of order. But then, I also lack a sense of absolute order, as long as I know where my stuff is. Or rather, like Peter, I got my own order.
    But then we geniuses mostly have a superior sense of order compared with the rest of you lot! 😉

    Hmm… It is a shame that Peters swords cost a fortune…


  3. Bllunts or sharps? HOw is the weight and balance, close to the originals?
    They are very nice though, and cover a good 300 years of swords.
    I do historical fencing with the Dawn Duellists in Edinburgh, so naturally am very interested in those swords. One of our founder members has a historical fencing school in Helsinki, but I have no idea what historical fencing is like in Sweden.


  4. The person, above, who states that Peter Johnsson is using a CNC machine to pre-mill the blades is incorrect. The page linked that shows the process is for sword that Peter designs for ALBION SWORDS, not for his hand-made pieces.

    Peter Johnsson is one of only a few people alive today doing detailed research on historical antique arms and armour and applying it to the craft of the recreation of said pieces.

    See for further information on historical swords.


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