Going to Cons

Two months from now I’m going to spend a week on the US East Coast, attending two conferences and doing some sightseeing.

From 18 to 22 January I’ll be in the Chapel Hill/Durham area of North Carolina for the 2nd Science Blogging Conference, where I’m co-chairing a session on blogging about the humanities and social sciences.

From 23 to 27 January I’ll be in Plantation/Ft Lauderdale, Florida, for The Amazing Meeting 5.5, a skeptical conference hosted by James Randi. I think there’s a seat on a panel for me there.

Dear Reader, both of these conferences are looking really good, and I’d love to meet you there. In the interval between the cons I’m going to be a lone tourist, and I’d be thrilled to meet up with local Dear Readers in either of the two areas. Please get in touch!

OK kids, who’s going to which con? There’s still room!


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