ScienceBlogs Infiltrates Germany

i-16e51cb31852f63e75739ccf3fad11cf-logo_science-blogs.gifThe German language now has its own ScienceBlogs. Thirteen new SciBlings! I can read them but I can’t write German well enough to take part much. So far they don’t have any archaeologists, but I’ve found a few entries of interest to people with such predilections.

  • Volker at Darwins Erbe (“D’s legacy”) writes about Neanderthals and space aliens.
  • Jürgen at GeoGraffitico tells us about America’s christening certificate: a 1507 map with the first printed mention of the continent’s modern name. You do know, Dear Reader, about Amerigo Vespucci?
  • Christoph at Wissen schafft Kommunikation (it’s a pun, meaning roughly “Science communication” and “Knowledge creates communication”) reports about a new code-like interpretation of Leonardo’s Last Supper.

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2 thoughts on “ScienceBlogs Infiltrates Germany

  1. Yeah, well, palaeontology only becomes relevant to archaeologists when it covers species that make stone (or other preserved) tools. From Homo habilis onward, the last time I checked.


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