Two Years of Blogging

In early October two years ago, we had a party. During that evening, a journalist friend helped my wife set up a (pseudonymous, s3kr1t) blog on Blogspot which persists to this day.

I didn’t catch on immediately. I’d been a BBS aficionado since the late 80s, regularly spending an hour or two a day conversing on-line. But after two months of reading my wife’s blog, I started to feel that maybe blogging might be something for me too. After all, I was already writing on-line anyway, but for a small audience of longtime BBS friends who didn’t necessarily share my obsessions. Also, the BBS format neither permitted illustrations nor invited longer pieces. (In fact, BBSes taught me compact argumentation to avoid boring the readers, a skill I have found very useful as an academic.)

Two years ago to the day I wrote my first blog entry, and when I had amassed a little collection I went public and e-mailed my friends about what I was doing. For two years now I’ve blogged pretty much daily, dropping out of my old BBS hangout and concentrating those evening hours on blogging instead. The other day, somebody characterised my blog as “quirky and popular … opinionated”. I can live with that!


9 thoughts on “Two Years of Blogging

  1. Congratulations, it seems that you have become quite the blogging success in those two years.
    I am enjoying the opportunity to get some archaeology news from the other side of the Atlantic.


  2. Happy birthday to Aard! As it turns out, I am also celebrating since I turned 32 today 🙂

    Keep up the good work – I look forward to reading your blog for many more years to come.


  3. So a few bottles of Parador for the Paddy and Arador, Cliff Richards tune Congratulations ringing out of them ol speakers!? At the 28th? Isn´t that the day of Menlösa Barn? 🙂


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