A Blast From the Future


Johan Jönsson of Månskensdans has identified a lookalike of my future self: German musical singer Jerzy Jeske, “Multitalent und Darsteller bei mehr als 40 Premieren in 5 Sprachen”. Go Jerzy!

There’s also a British actor who looks like I do currently, but I’ve forgotten his name. I think he was in a TV adaptation of the life of Tsarevna Catherine the Great, but I can’t seem to find him in IMDB.


4 thoughts on “A Blast From the Future

  1. I am told that I bear a striking resemblance to Jack Black. This, I feel, is better than who I used to look like – Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees. Actually, the older him looks like the older me. Groovy, I think.


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