My Year in Blogging

Here’s one to send you into the vaults, Dear Reader: following John Lynch’s lead, I offer links to the first Aard entry of each month this year, each with its first sentence (disregarding carnival announcements).

  • Jan. “I miss the porn surfers.” [link]
  • Feb. “One thing I’ve never fought about with my ex-wife nor my wife is money.” [link]
  • Mar. “My friend Stefan Kayat is a truly original man of many talents.” [link]
  • Apr. “Archaeological periods are defined by artefact types.” [link]
  • May. “Archaeology consists of a myriad of weakly interconnected regional and temporal sub-disciplines.” [link]
  • Jun. “A few words about a new novel I read half of and didn’t feel like finishing.” [link]
  • Jul. “Spent Friday working for my friends Mattias Pettersson and Roger Wikell, digging on one of their Mesolithic sites in the Tyresta nature reserve south of Stockholm.” [link]
  • Aug. “Recent discoveries by my friend Lars got me thinking about New Age archaeology.” [link]
  • Sep. “My Norwegian buddy Torkel reminded me of the wonderful site TOP 10 MOST RIDICULOUS BLACK METAL PICS OF ALL TIME.” [link]
  • Oct. “Aided by many volunteers and using tools borrowed from my dad and the Stockholm County Museum, I’ve spent the day getting the Djurhamn sword out of the ground.” [link]
  • Nov. “Jean François Revel once wrote, ‘Let there be no discussion about methods except by those who make discoveries’.” [link]
  • Dec. “Today, the Swedish Skeptics Society celebrated its 25th anniversary with an afternoon seminar in Stockholm.” [link]

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