Consolidating Aard’s Subscriber Base on Google Reader

Google Reader is an excellent blog reader, among whose strengths is that it resides somewhere off your computer. This means that you can read blogs from several machines without having to mark a lot of old entries as read. Nor do you have to subscribe to the same feed more than once. Looking at Aard on Google Reader, I’ve found that the blog has quite a number of subscribers there, but that they are spread across a number of different feed addresses.

Dear Reader, I have a request for you. Could you please make sure that you subscribe to Aard on Google Reader with the following official feed address?

The reason for my request is that Google suggests further reading to a user based on a) which feeds she subscribes to, b) which feeds other subscribers to those feeds subscribe to, c) how many subscribers a given feed has. So if you can help me boost the number of subscribers to Aard’s official feed, then this may pull in further subscribers.

Also, as I periodically nag you about, please use the hopeful buttons below the profile in the left-hand column to boost Aard on Technorati and Bloggtoppen. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Consolidating Aard’s Subscriber Base on Google Reader

  1. Interesting, how does it work? They read the blogs for me, so that I save time and can get more work done? Can I arrange for them to post irrelevant and inane comments for me as well?


  2. Well… will ScienceBlogs combined feeds do? I just take them all, I don’t subscribe to individual feeds on SciBlogs. I never check Google’s suggestions for further reading, there are usually over 1000 items in the reader every time I open it.
    Technorati? Never heard of it. Seriously, I enjoy your posts, thanks, but if my number doesn’t show up the way you want, not my problem. rb


  3. …subscribing to the combined feed seems pointless, you could just go to and be done with it, surely?

    At least _I’ve_ changed my google reader subscription, Martin Not that I ever actually use google reader. It seems a little random, sometimes the latest posts don’t show up even though they did a few hours ago etc.

    Also, I’m one of those people who enjoy visiting the blogs I read individually to check for new posts. The blog, its layout, graphics etc add to the reading experience. Feeds just get really boring IMHO.


  4. Bit of both actually,(if you substitute “lazy” for “paraplegic”) thanks for asking. Yeah, SB and a bazillion others, Mind Hacks, Consumerist, Wired, EurekAlert, xkcd, Bad Astronomy and on and on. Google makes it soooo easy to subscribe. ScienceBlogs is the one that always gets read. And xkcd. rb


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