Jonathan Lindström Enlightener of the Year

i-35e22911d66ee45cc3f77c238678a591-jonathan_lindstrom.jpgThe Swedish Skeptics Society (VoF) has just announced its annual awards. The Popular Enlightener for 2007 is none other than my friend Jonathan Lindström, the guy with the Neolithic kids’ book! (I abstained from voting, being heavily biased in his favour.)

States the press release, “He receives the award for his pop-sci books where he relays, in words and images and with endless curiosity and stellar pedagogics, the latest advances in astronomy, cosmology, natural history and archaeology. Jonathan Lindström’s books are a pure pop-sci pleasure for all ages to gather around.”

The 2007 Obscurantist of the Year anti-award goes to a group within the Kronoberg landsting medical administration, for its repeated willingness to organise in-house training seminars with pseudoscientific quacks as the speakers.

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2 thoughts on “Jonathan Lindström Enlightener of the Year

  1. Excellent!!!

    Couldn’t have made a better choice. My daughter (age 5 ) has yet again demanded his book on “everything” (from the Big Bang to human development) as her bed time story. Daddy is reading it as I write this…

    Honest – she loves all his books and quotes from them regularly. Her 3-year-old brother loves the pictures just as much as her.


  2. I did manage to acquire that “Neolithic kids’ book” for my friend — and it was a big hit. Although, it must be said, the very-pregnant-soon-not-to-be-pregnant woman dancing around is just….weird….


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