Canadian Creationists Care About Me

Canadian newspaper The National Post seems to be subscribing to a blog-buzz service that everybody on Sb got onto a while ago. Therefore, I just got an intriguingly worded letter from Canadian creationist David Johnston (appended below the fold for the edification of the interested Dear Reader).

In response to David’s letter, I’ll just say that I have decent basic knowledge of biology and Christian scripture, and that my reading has convinced me that the latter has nothing to contribute to the former.

Hello Dr. Martin.

Where does a skeptic (or anyone) find an origins scientist? No such thing! Scientists {at least non-Christian ones) simply tow

The establishment line that everything evolved. No evidence, just man’s guesses.

It should not be hard being as skeptical about “science hokey-pokey”, than about faith/creation, for the secularist. It is obvious that most blinders are one-way.

Maybe you should chat with a Christian Swedish Pastor that believes in the book of Genesis. Why not try & understand where creationist “come from”?

I am not a scientist; however it is very easy to observe that Charles Darwin can’t be right. Show me one example where new information has materialized from “thin-air”

In the DNA molecule. (or anywhere} Even I know the difference between adaptation, DNA-loss & evolving (additional genetic information}.

Like it or not, there is an intelligent designer. What does the Bible say about design? Why not find out?

Answers-in-Genesis has many scientists (yes Christians) that can share with you articles to allow you to really review “all the evidence” about

Our origin. Why not critically observe nature.. What just happens?

I have copied A-I-G Canada’s President [as an addressee of the letter]. I am sure he can connect you with eminent Swedish Scientists that could help an intelligent “second look”.

Dr. Martin, true education is not indoctrination. Best wishes for 2008, I hope (can I say pray?} that you will expand your horizons in 2008.

I saw reference to your blog on a Canadian Newspaper (National Post} & read your overview & some comments.

David Johnston, M.T.I., CFP


13 thoughts on “Canadian Creationists Care About Me

  1. Why is it that when an idiot says that you should “expand your horizons” it just basically means that you should agree with them?

    And since we’re on the subject of what the bible says about things, can somebody please explain Genesis 6:4 –

    “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown”



  2. “I am not a scientist; however it is very easy to observe that Charles Darwin can’t be right. Show me one example where new information has materialized from “thin-air””

    Best… line… ever… to be read as: “I have no clue what I’m talking about, but I know I’m right.”


  3. Ignore the National Post. It’s a far-right looney newapaper founded by disgraced convicted felon media “mogul” Conrad Black that espouses all sorts of extremist right-wing views, including doubting evolution.

    Having said that, it has some very witty writers and commentators. But it’s still a looney-tunes newspaper.

    Don’t take it — please!! — as indicative of what most Canadians think.


  4. I certainly agree with this post, though I will say I am somewhat in the opposite position when it comes to knowledge, with most of my scholarship focused on biblical studies, and now working as an archaeologist.
    In general, whenever the bible gets brought into science or archaeology, it makes errors and misdirects things.


  5. Long ago, after becoming dissatisfied with Genesis, I started getting interested in the possibility of extraterrestrial life/intelligence, and also in history and archaeology. At first getting excited about things like Daniken, and a book co-authored by Sagan and a Russian scientist (whose name eludes me now) which had an appendix alluding to the legends of Oannes etc., I quickly became better educated and dropped my dreams of discovering evidence that we were somehow the products of some “2001” -type alien program. However, my interest in Sumer, the origins of the Flood myth and so on, continued… and along comes Sitchin and friends, ready to annoy me yet again with an “alternative” to Biblical interpretations that’s equally obnoxious. Thanks for being an oasis of sanity; this is one agnostic who considers his universe both cherubim- and “nephilim”-free…


  6. Where does a skeptic (or anyone) find an origins scientist? No such thing!

    I happen to be reading Genesis by Robert Hazen at present. I think the Carnegie Institute is a likely place to find an origins scientist.


  7. I am not a scientist; however it is very easy to observe that Charles Darwin can’t be right. Show me one example where new information has materialized from “thin-air”

    I see this quite frequently, and it is baffling. Isn’t it the Creationists who believe in miracles? Why would they deride a claim that something materialized from “thin-air”? And they never seem to be aware that is exactly what evolution does not predict.


  8. Twoflower: Because creationism is built on false dichotomy. The whole theory builds on a thorough misunderstanding of evolutional theory, which makes it possible for its mouthpieces to make statements like “Show us AIDS evolving into a cat, which is essentially the evolutionistic position of common ancestry for all life forms”. Many who visit the home pages where these statements are made then think that some evolutionist actually said that it was possible to create a cat from AIDS virus. They do not have enough education to understand wherein the flaws in reasoning behind this theory lie, because in some areas of the world (yes, as Martin knows, I live in one of those areas), parents won’t allow their children to learn about biology (after all, it includes sex ed) and evolution (it goes contrary to their religious beliefs and is therefore a sin). It is a problem of education, but the end result is that people can get away with this type of false dichotomy.


  9. i love nephilim’s, i would love to know how those poor women who crossbread felt, with they’re humongous penisi’ in them! (penis;i is plural for penis)


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