Stockholm Blogmeet 8 January

Felicia, Tor, Jesper, Johan, Thinker, Paddy, Kai, Lars, Martin R, Martin C. Photographs by friendly man at nearby table, shoppery by Lars.

Our latest Stockholm after-work blogmeet was way back in September. It was high time for another one! Good food, good company, silly jokes. And Paddy K hatched a plan: we’re setting up a one-off Geek Fashion Blog Carnival!


17 thoughts on “Stockholm Blogmeet 8 January

  1. I’ll make a BIG fuss and try to be there. Will just have returned to my work after 2 weeks on winter holidays with the kids and I’m really going to need any excuse to drink beer…
    Just have to double check there are no prior engagements.


  2. Another meet I’ll miss, this time I am once again bound to Växjö after the Holidays. So my cheers will be heard through the astral plane with the help of my astral antennas… Oh I forgot, I cut my hair some days back so my transmission might be slightly of course (damn those government employed hair dressers).


  3. I hereby challenge these so-called gods to try and stop me from attending!

    Regarding this comment:

    …excuse to drink beer…

    Does … not … compute …


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