Any Readers in Chapel Hill / Durham, NC?

Anybody in the Chapel Hill / Durham area want to meet up some time 20-22 January? I’d like to befriend some natives!

I’m attending the NC Science Blogging conference in Research Triangle Park on Saturday 19 January. After that, I’m staying on in Chapel Hill until Wednesday morning 23 Jan. I’m going to be a tourist during Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday, and then I’m giving a talk about my research at UNC on Tuesday afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Any Readers in Chapel Hill / Durham, NC?

  1. Hi Martin,
    I’m a fellow native of Sweden who happens to live in Chapel Hill and just happen to be a PhD candidate in archaeology at UNC. Small world. Unfortunately I’m teaching a class when you are giving your talk on Tuesday, but I will be able to make it to the tail end of it. Might be nice to go for dinner after or get a beer or something. If you’d like I can see if there’s interest among other graduate students to go too. Let me know what you think.

    Looking forward to meeting you,
    Erik Johannesson


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