Any Readers in Ft Lauderdale, FL?

Anybody in the Ft Lauderdale area want to meet up some time 23-24 January? I’d like to befriend some natives!

I’m touching down at FLL at noon on Wednesday the 23rd and will be staying in Plantation. I’ll be a tourist during Wednesday and Thursday, and then I’ll attend the TAM 5.5 skeptical conference on Friday and Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Any Readers in Ft Lauderdale, FL?

  1. I’m actually in Boca Raton, a mere 20 minutes away, but I doubt I’ll be able to make it down due to classes and terrible scheduling from work. I hope you’re not up to doing a lot of touristy stuff in FLL because there’s really not a lot.

    If you want to look at some very nice, very overpriced homes but enjoy some time on the water, take a trip down to Las Olas and take a trip on the Broward County Intracoastal BuzzBoat around Las Olas. You can even see the house where the first few episodes of Miami Vice were filmed! (truly, the tour is pretty neat but a great way to waste about an hour)

    I lived in Sunrise (it’s a locality in Plantation, TAM is not far from my old apartment) for almost 2 years and found practically nothing fun to really do aside from going to concerts, Uncle Sam’s music shop, or Tate’s Comics. But there are some damn good eateries if you know where to look and I’ve got about 40 compiled into a list, some with comments about the food/eatery.


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