Jenny-Rita Næss Honoured On-Line

i-29cc47e68592c47986bd255c2b243653-Tankespinn Lorange.jpg

Around the time when a senior academic retires, she will, if she’s lucky, receive a Festschrift. The word is German and means “celebration publication”: typically, it’s an anthology put together by her colleagues and students. The contents of a Festschrift often vary wildly in quality and level of ambition: solid research papers occur alongside humorous reminiscences of travels and travails endured while the august old professor was still a lanky undergrad.

Now, here’s something unusual from Norway: archaeologist Jenny-Rita Næss’s Festschrift is being published as a web site. So far, seven of twenty-eight papers in the table of contents are available on-line. Lots of really heavy names in Norwegian archaeology, including several friends of mine such as the charming opponent at my 2003 viva. I look forward to reading the remaining twenty-one contributions.

Thanks to Jan-Peder Lamm for the tip-off.

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