I’m on a train in Östergötland. A while back I caught a fond glimpse of the barrow at Stora Tollstad in Sjögestad that me & Howard Williams trial-trenched and dated to the 9th century in 2006.

I’m giving a talk this afternoon to my colleagues at the Jönköping County Museum’s excavation unit about my research in Östergötland.

I think it’s pretty damn cool to have wireless broadband on a train.


6 thoughts on “Trainblogging

  1. Another friend has just got a new phone with a camera and has posted photos from on the bus. It must be the day for this sort of thing.

    Good luck with the talk.


  2. I think it’s pretty cool to even have trains. Wish we had a real passenger rail system in the US. Train with broadband even better, but I would still have a hard time not staring out the window.


  3. Kevin, it really is a shame that the US has such crap railroads. I mean, trains are twice as fast as cars these days, you can work while you travel, and it’s better for the environment. Definitely something for prez Obama to look into.

    Mattias, the presentation went pretty well! The crowd was kinda quiet, but the vibe was friendly, and they gave me a custard bun and a bunch of books afterwards.


  4. Yeah, ummm…. I envy that you have trains, *and* that you have wireless broadband on them. That rocks. I thought I had gotten spoiled on my recent trip to Washington DC, what with the metro and all, but I didn’t even think about broadband possibilities.


  5. They have a number of different connection methods, relying mainly on a satellite dish on the locomotive’s roof. My Jönköping colleague Claes told me that he has arranged with the County Museum to reckon his long commutes to Scania as work hours. Superbly productive time since there are no distractions.


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