Gonna Flash My Stuff

i-de58047502047ac5e121d471a7150f5d-skepchick.jpegI’ve just agreed to a flattering request from real.girl at Skepchick. This means that chances are you will find a skeptical archaeologist in partial deshabillé in the 2009 edition of the Skepchick skin calendar. And I’m train blogging again. And I’m on my way to Lund where historians of religion have invited me to comment on a PhD thesis manuscript about the Migration Period. Life is good!


16 thoughts on “Gonna Flash My Stuff

  1. Dear,

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  2. Mugabe: “Chaebol is a South Korean form of business conglomerates. … The Korean word means business group, trust (as in Standard Oil Trust), and is often used the way ‘Big Business’ is used in English.” Indeed, when in a state of undress, I am often referred to as Big Business.

    Alun: I wouldn’t want to eclipse that huge sword like that. It wouldn’t be respectful.

    Greg: Vraiment pas!

    Sim Z: It was actually at the Dept of Theology & Religion studies somewhere in the NW part of the Medieval city.


  3. unfortunately, i held class during the afternoon, so i would have missed the occasion anyway. 😦
    But hope you had an interesting session.

    A sceptic aardvark is always useful at Theology (CTR), especielly when they write essays on proving the existence of God.


  4. In Uppsala, the theologians used to share (maybe still share) an office building with the philosophers. The philosophy undergrads liked to modify the theologian’s sign on the front door, changing it from TEOLOGISKA INSTITUTIONEN to –OLOGISKA INSTITUTIONEN. (“Dept of Illogic”, to you non-Scandies.)


  5. …mmmm…. i have to think fast, here….
    and the Philosophers: “Filosofiska institutionen”
    can be……
    ______FISK_ institutionen


  6. Yes, the ‘o’ makes for funny things in swedish, when combined with classical languages. What about “Fil-o-sofiska institutionen”, (‘Institute for lovers of unwisdom’)? 🙂

    / Mattias


  7. Wouldn’t ““Fil-o-sofiska institutionen” be sourmilk, not belonging to the class of sophisms? (i.e. not a logical fallacy).


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