I’m frustrated about Wikipedia. Cultists are slowly and surely readjusting the Falun Gong article to their own rosy and “oh-how-persecuted-we-are” perspective. The other day I watched some anonymous loon create a new user account for the single purpose of deleting an article about someone he doesn’t like — and he’s succeeding. And Alun Salt is retiring from Wikipedia to redirect his efforts to the forthcoming Google Knol, whose name reminds me of the Swedish word for “fuck”. Check out Alun’s farewell speech!


7 thoughts on “Wikiblues

  1. I don’t care what Knol reminds you of. I want a candle-lit dinner before I write an entry about you. Men, they’re all the same 🙂


  2. I have to say that Alun’s mention was the first I heard of Knol. I’m really giddy, because I love the Google and their nifty, uber new encyclopedia is just sexy as can be.

    I have to say though, the name reminds me more of mythical monsters. Then, I’m not Swedish. (though I’m fond of the fucking and collect fucks in different languages, so thanks)


  3. I’ve heard the rumors of this project, but until now the name had escaped me. Cautiously positive and even if it might not compete with wiki on the minor weird entries, this is definately the next step on the webolutionary ladder (that is MY term, I copyright it, mine, mine, mine – I see a lucrative book contract in the US on the horizon… 😉

    I’ve made only a few changes to entries on wiki, and I generally find the hassle too much to deal with, when busybodies with no knowledge whatsoever of my discipline start to use the site as a personal power base. For one thing, if wikipedia is going to survive into the 2010’s, the deletionists have to go. Period. Better 500.000 useless entries, than 50 obscure but useful ones deleted due to personal vendictive feelings. This notability crap will have to go, or be left to selected trusted long-term editors with a verified knowledge of the subject they concern. Not just any moron who knows how to log on.

    Political campaigns for certain entries is an even bigger problem. Knol seems to have come across a format that could deal with this, if researchers are ok with having their name openly associated with such sensitive subjects.

    I just hope Knol will work extra on creating collaborative entries, where several different knowledgeable people can add information about an entry, so it won’t just pe an individual work with comments.


  4. Say after me please, DuWayne (not you Åsa, you have two kids with a Swede, you obviously know this already):


    It’s spelled Jag vill knulla and it means “I wish to copulate”.



  5. Alunsalt is old good Alun? I was wondering who on Earth was doing such a good damn analysis (and not just the usual bickery) of the trend of Wikipedia. No idea about Knol or whatever alternative but the kind of frustration with silly bureacracy, copyright idiocy, power games and double standards in the Wiki is something I have been feeling for quite a while (and have caused me to work a lot less, and less, and less…).

    Anyhow, doesn’t that Knol thing look like another Nupedia? If so I guess it doesn’t have much future, unless something has changed a lot in the last decade. IMO the only realistic alternative is to multiply Wikipedia, with whatever variations each, into many, so they compete with each other and stop holding a de facto monopoly.

    As Alun says, it is its importance what has ruined Wikipedia: every single self-respecting lobby, intelligence agency or private control freak has got an interest in it, what spells madness.


  6. Oops. Just realized Alunsalt must be another person that the one I was thinking (Wooble, who signs as “Alun”). In any case, all the rest stands.


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