Orkney Photographs On-line


After some culling and editing, I’ve put 74 snaps from my visit to Orkney on-line. Comments and questions are most welcome!

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5 thoughts on “Orkney Photographs On-line

  1. Many thanks Martin! I’ve just spent 45 minutes perusing these…I’ll never get there, but you have provided a wonderful range of coastal & town views that give me an insight, an atmosphere. Interesting to see the dead oystercatcher – my Nana called these ‘servant of Bridhe’ (sp.?) – we call then torea, and -aside from the all-black ones – ours look a bit different (paticularly in bill colouration.) Anyway, great to see an ancestral place through someone else’s eyes-


  2. Keri, I’m assuming the phrase your Nana used was a reference to the Celtic Goddess known in Ireland as Brigit. Wikipedia gives the Scottish spelling as Brìghde. I found several references to the oystercatcher being sacred to Brigit, and to the saint who inherited her worship.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, Martin.


  3. Thanks OriGuy- it sounded a bit like ‘Bridgey’ but not quite…will check with wiki next time!
    My Nana’s Orkney family had strong links to Caithness, but was based in Kirkwall.
    Torea are reckoned weather-callers/signifiers among South Island Maori- any refs to this
    ‘ability’ that you know of? Cheers n/n Keri


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