De-lurk: Regular, Reveal Thyself

It’s been almost a year since the last de-lurk. Aard currently has over 150 returning visitors daily (out of about 800 uniques). Since not everyone checks in every day, this translates to several hundred — possibly a thousand — regulars who read the blog at least once a week. So, everybody, please comment away, as briefly or verbosely as you like, and do consider telling us a little about yourself!


74 thoughts on “De-lurk: Regular, Reveal Thyself

  1. Long time mostly lurker. I was a student of Environmental Science and just started working in my field for a small Indian Tribe along a border river in the Southwest. One of the people I will be working with often is the Cultural Affairs officer who is of course an archaeologist. Cannot go tearing out invasive plants with a dozer and ruining important sites.


  2. And who I am you know. I´ve been reading your blog daily since your Salto-time and although I rarely comment I usally enjoy your posts very much!


  3. Another “bodice-ripper” writer raising the hand here. Amarinda directed her readers to your article about bodice rippers. And then I sort of hung around. Think I read about twenty articles. Thank you so much! Sure enjoyed the blog.


  4. Popping in to see what the hubbub is about. Don’t think any of my characters have actually ripped a bodice but an interesting debate nonetheless. Thanks to Amarinda for the point-to.



  5. As ed k said earlier, I lurk, it’s what I do.

    I roll in to read here every week or so to find some good archeology posts.


  6. Martin: lest you think my infrequent commenting lately means I have returned to lurking, here’s proof to the contrary. (BTW, that was a very convoluted way of saying “I’m not quite dead yet”…)

    Historically interested Swedish biotechnologist who enjoys a good brew in good company…


  7. By your command, then: A Finn from the fields of mathematics (a callow grad student) delurks. I can’t recall how I found my way here, but I’ve been returning now and then for months.

    And since I’m a Finn, I’ve been lurking. You very well know that in Finland once you speaks, you loses face.


  8. Ha! Got caught. I read by the RSS feeds to my email. Am a subscriber to several Anth groups and this site was mentioned in one of the posts. Have been semi regular until getting the hang of the RSS. Now a regular lurker.


  9. Unlurking briefly from my mission to read the whole of the internet. From Britland. Was a circuit digger and museum monkey for many years, longer than is either decent or necessary in a gentleman.
    Jacked it in when it became obvious that my pathetic addictions to food and housing were never going to be adequately funded by the trade.
    And developer-funded archaeology (watching empty holes fill with rain) just doesn’t do it for me. I like stuff :^)


  10. Hi. Second comment ever. Fourth visit. Romance Writer and proud to be epubbed as well as in print, living in Tennessee but currently on the road. I’m here because once upon a time Amarinda Jones pointed to your blog for an article and the magnitude of your abundant charisma (ahem) locked me in. Plus, I like words that start with two “Aa”s.


  11. to the archaeologist in Hungary: I’m a prehistorian currently in Budapest, planning to start my Phd. what’s ur field?


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