More Djurhamn Tree House Ruins


Back in February I showed you some pix of abandoned tree houses at Djurhamn. One of them had a computer, just like my son once reported visiting a tree house with a typewriter.


I’ve spent the past three days metal detecting in the same area, falsifying our working hypothesis that there would be easily accessible 16th and 17th century stuff there. But I did find more tree house ruins. And one had an interesting piece of furniture: a gynaecologist’s examination chair!? Turned out that the tree house was built on the margin of a dump area where all kinds of strange stuff was sitting, and someone had apparently selected the chair for inclusion in the tree house site.



Another ruin site was actually a bit of a problem: two tree houses quite near each other, with loads and loads of debris on the ground between them. And right on the edge of this scatter of late-20th century junk was a three centuries old copper coin. I have no idea how many coins like that might remain in the vicinity, because there was so much recent crap that I gave up detecting that site.


In other news, Katharina Schoerner has had awesome Djurhamn Sword teeshirts made. She’s such a metal chick.

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2 thoughts on “More Djurhamn Tree House Ruins

  1. I like these treehouse posts, but some of them resemble hunters’ platforms and blinds more than childrens’ places. It’s common here for hunters to build such things, and if they are close enough to kids’ ranges, kids will take them over.


  2. Hunting platforms are very common in Sweden too, where they’re mainly used to shoot elk. They have a fairly standardised look and are always sited where there’s a good view of a field, road or game trail.


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