Euro Skeptics Forums

The European Council of Skeptical Organizations (ECSO) has set up an on-line forum.

Explains ECSO chairman Amardeo Sarma,

“The purpose of this forum is to promote discussion with ECSO and other Skeptics Organisations. So if you have some question or a suggestion to a particular Skeptics Organisation and do not have direct access to them or do not speak their language, here is where you can ask. If someone from that organisation is reading this forum, you should get an answer or reaction. If possible, ECSO members will point responsible people from that organisation to this question or suggestion here, especially if that organisation is a member of ECSO. The forum may also be used by Skeptics Organisation to get readers reaction on their questions …”

If you’d like to chat with European skeptics, why not have a look? And if you know Scandy, the Swedish Skeptics have a very lively forum too.

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