Skepdude Beefcake Calendar

i-5a1408ffbd21761ad4ed54c82b823af9-beefcake.jpgOn my desk is a copy of the 2009 Skepdude pinup calendar. It features lascivious images of many prominent skeptical gentlemen, including D.J. Grothe, Hemant Mehta and Brian Dunning. For March, there’s even a picture of a skinny white dude in partial déshabillé, skilfully shot by my art-school-trained wife at sunset in the woods just above our housing area.

If your cognitive abilities are more strongly perturbed by the female form than the male one, there’s the 2009 Skepchick calendar. All for a good cause: sending cool people to The Amazing Meeting who wouldn’t otherwise be able to be there.

Order here!


10 thoughts on “Skepdude Beefcake Calendar

  1. Your wife is a very good photographer… (fans married middle-aged self vigorously).

    Maybe I should just make a donation.


  2. sigh. And here I thought it was impossible for you to be any sweller. But, with an artfully cropped, *color* photo…there you go. Even more swell than before.

    Many thanks to you (and your talented wife) for making the Skepdude calendar hotter!


  3. Nice photography. The lighting’s great. You’re skinnier than you seem in the other photos you’ve posted. Reminds me of my husband when we started going out. He’s put on weight since then -I feed him too much.


  4. thanks for taking one for the team and contributing your skinny hawtness to our little calendar, martin. i was sad you weren’t at tam so i couldn’t get you to sign it 😦 maybe some other time, eh?


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