Birthday Clustering

Yesterday my glorious daughter turned 5. Today my radiant son turned 10. In the maternity ward five years ago I quipped to the nurses, “The kids being born one day apart, I suppose I’m only fertile for one week each year”.

Replied one of them, “I think you’re probably only romantic for one week each year.”


9 thoughts on “Birthday Clustering

  1. in the case of my parents, it was generally a cold snap before the heat went on in the fall… all of us were born in july too.


  2. The nurse was of course just making a sour-grapes comment, and under the circumstances I had little opportunity to show her where things really stood. (-;


  3. Thank you! Having met and been impressed by your kids, I have become suspicious. Kai, are you the biological father of my kids too? Or am I the unwitting progenitor of yours?


  4. When the Only-begotten son was small, he seemed a mix of my brother and the mother’s sister, so we wondered whether he was our child at all…


  5. How do you expain it when there’s clustering across generations? In my family it’s in January. There’s a cousin on the 21st, sister 22nd, another cousin 25th, my younger daughter on the 28th, my mother on the 30th and son the 31st.


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